FogSecure Security System

FogSecure security solution is our anti-robbery and burglary protection package designed specifically to meet security challenges faced by banks, oil & gas, homes and other Nigerian businesses . Its prime objective is to discourage robbery in locations where it is installed, and to protect lives and investments in the event of robbery/burglary.

FogSecure uses our partner's (Bandit) proven and patented technology to generate a thick dense smoke in less than 5 seconds**. Covering the whole premises in thick blanket of smoke which severely reduces visibility thereby restricting access to vital areas and reducing contact between the intruder and your staff and customers.

Bludel Technologies will deliver to your business and home a complete solution, from the early planning stage through to the maintenance and support. Our consultancy team will carry out detailed building analysis before the arrival of our installers. They will be determining the best place to install our security equipments and draw up a detailed checklist to ensure that our strict standards are adhered to.

Reasons to protect your business and home with FogSecure

  • Burglary Protection: Bandit is the proven defence in deterring and foiling out of hours burglaries. Upon detection of an intruder, high speed security fog instantly ejects an immense curtain of extremely high-density security fog driving intruders out and minimising associated damage.

  • Daylight Robbery Protection: The criminal is restricted access to the assets so typically there is no loss or the loss is minimal. Also, physical contact and verbal assault with staff is restricted and therefore the threat to staff and customer(sometimes leading to loss of lives) and associated trauma is minimised

  • Strong Robbery Deterrent: As part of our installation, we may place a warning sign to warn intending robbers that FogSecure is installed in the building (no reward — removes the incentive for the criminal and minimises robbery risk)

  • Staff Empowerment: FogSecure and its accessories empowers your staff/household with an element of control, an otherwise control-less and frightening experience can be avoided and the trauma from the aftermath of a successful robbery is minimised.

  • Low Maintenance Cost : The Bandit unit is technologically engineered, with an in–built self cleansing and diagnostic feature that minimises engineer call–outs

  • Customisable and Adaptable: Even if you have an existing alarm system, FogSecure can be integrated into your existing alarm system to add extra level of security and can also work independently