Building Automation and Management Systems

Building Automation and Management Systems (BAMS) helps businesses and home owners manage virtually every aspect of their building including the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems(HVAC). Security systems like FogSecure can be integrated into our BAMS solution to give instant access to the security status of your home, offices and other places of interest.

Bludel Technologies alongside our partners Intelligent Building Automation (IBAL) uses Niagara Framework™ to provide a complete design and installation service for your Building Management Systems. We have experience in various types of commercial installations from fit out to complex retrofit, and new build. Our experience covers all types of HVAC control, system design, project management, commissioning, training and maintenance.

Benefits of Building Automation Systems:-

  • For reduction of up–to 50% off your energy expenditure
  • Manage security and alarm systems remotely
  • Monitor smoke and other hazardous contaminants continuosly
  • Speedy response to emergency services through remote alarming
  • Remote access control
  • HVAC: Monitor multi-system performance, identify and resolve issues
  • Lighting: Ability to manage building lighting for energy conservation and comfort.
  • Utility Monitoring: Constantly manage your energy expenses, and analyse utilities usage.
  • Intelligent Building: Control virtually all parts of a building online

At Bludel Technologies, our Building Automation team is able to develop drivers that connects wide range of devices, ensuring they are connected and managed remotely. We hope to achieve a complete customer satisfaction with our building automation systems. To ensure that the project result exceeds your expectation and achieves your goal, please get in touch with our consultants now. Contact our experienced consultants by email on or drop us a message here.

Building Automation