Bank Building Automation

Our building automation and management systems (BAMS) for banks offers an integrated real-time building management platform. With capabilities to manage surveillance systems, building access controls, security systems, visitor management systems and utility usage. You can use BAMS to observe time and attendance of people logged into your facility, track visitor, resolve alarm issues, supervise credential enrolment and control room access from any web browser, within the building or remotely via the web.

A range of features and options are available to provide the most efficient building management solutions based on bank individual bank requirement. Options to manage and automate ventilation guarantees the level of CO2 required in the air is not exceeded. Controlling individual rooms with specific usage times and temperature is the most efficient way of managing office environments, for examples computer rooms will require additional cooling to ensure servers are functioning to at required temperature, while other rooms may require less cooling or it's requirement may be significantly more.