GoQuestion - Feedback Management System

Customer Feedback management

GoQuestion Feedback Management Solution enables businesses to collect data, interprete data and utilise the data they have collected. GoQuestion is cloud-based with a reliably hosted platform that enables businesses to create, distribute and analyse periodic reports and feedbacks in real-time. Whether you want to capture customer responses in real-time or to gather vital business intelligence required to ensure you maintain strong customer loyalty, the GoQuestion is the tool for you.

GoQuestion is capable of performing business intelligence tasks, such as collecting and measuring customer experience across departments and collect data on employee satisfaction to find ways to engage with employees to retain top talents. It can also be used to carry out detailed market research. It is cloud-based customer feedback management application, secure to use and requires no extra hardware investment.

Who Can Use Goquestion

Nigerian banks

Banks and Financial Sector

Nigerian banks can now efficiently and reliably capture and analyse their customers feedbacks. The scheduling feature of GoQuestion will enable banks schedule feedbacks from their customers automatically

Real Estate

Estate agents can use GoQuestion to monitor client feedback on properties and to schedule reports on how happy their clients are with their properties. This can help improve tenant/house buyer satisfaction

Shops and Retailers

Retailers can use GoQuestion to distribute, collect and analyse customer spending data in real-time. This is useful in helping retailers understand which product needs improving or simply understanding customer spending pattern.



As customer satisfaction is vital for hotels, GoQuestion ensures that hotels collect and analyse customer feedbacks to help improve quality and customer satisfaction. GoQuestion offers hotels reliable intelligence tool to help maintain customer loyalty

Nigerian Governments

Governments and Public Organisations

GoQuestion's capability to distribute and process large-scale feedback requests will enable governments and organisations to capture large feedbacks. These feedbacks when analysed will provide them with the data required to deliver quality services.